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Hello dear friend!  I'm so happy you are here, and want to get to know me better.  It means the world to me that you enjoy my TV show, music, movies, videos & pictures.  I love entertaining you!  Thank you for helping me continue to do what I love.  So, a little bit about me...from the beginning.
My family lived in Italy until I was four years old, then we moved to the US, and I grew up American, in Michigan with my musical family. My mother is Italian, and my father is Polish. I am the oldest of four sisters, and we all look alike, two blondies and two brunettes.  My parents are musicians and music teachers. When my sisters and I were old enough, we started performing with our parents band at weddings and parties. I got my first taste of the stage at the early age of 5 years old taking dance classes, and I quickly fell in love with the art of entertainment. I joined a dance company and trained in all styles of dance. In high school I was accepted into a musical theatre performing arts program and that's when I became passionate about theater and film acting. As fast as I could grab my diploma and my suitcase, I moved to Los Angeles to persue my dream and go after a career in showbiz!  I worked really hard to make things happen, and then I was happily cast as the bubbly and hilarious Donna in the international hit comedy Pretty Cool 2. I played the lead role in a psychological thriller movie called TRUNK, and I am thrilled to say that it won The Best Film Award at The Valley Film Festival. I starred opposite Steven Bauer in the classic whodunit murder mystery Showstopper, playing a pop singer who gets murdered, and during flashbacks, the audience has to help solve the case. You can watch me as a series regular in the hilarious comedy show Hot Package, on Adult Swim national network. I have recorded 3 pop music albums and I love to travel and perform live concerts all over the country...soon, all over the world! I would say most people recognize me from my TV series, Jennifer Day TV, currently broadcasting on Direct TV and all cables in the US, and internationally. I am what I like to call "a career girl", so right now I have no kids, no husband, & no boyfriend.  I love to have fun, and I'm high on life!  No smoking or drugs (not even coffee) I gotta take good care of myself and my voice, so I can sing and be beautiful for you.  I love to watch TV, that is my weakness, lol.  My favorite are sitcoms, I love to have a good laugh with friends. Oh, and I'm a huge sports fan (of Figure Skating), lol! The feeling I love most in the world is getting up on stage at my live concert, and when I'm performing, I look out into the audience, and I see your big smile looking up at me, and I can feel the positive energy fill my spirit.  It's exhilarating!  So, now you have an inside scoop on Miss Day.  The rest is (well, hopefully will be) history :) 
I appreciate your love and support very much.  Every time someone new joins this site to watch me do my thing, it brings the biggest smile to my face.  Honest, I get a notification each time, so I can see you smiling back at me too!  
Thank you so SO much for being a part of this journey with me.