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Jennifer Day LIVE at Night is back on Monday nights!  New Series - Ladies Night Live! every Wednesday night - 8 pm (pst)

Watch my live streaming music show "Jennifer Day LIVE at Night" every Monday night!  I sing my original pop songs, invite guest artists to come perform, and I tell you about what's going on in my #JDayworld.  Chat with me and your friends during the show. I live stream every Monday night on YouTube, Twitch & Facebook at 8 pm (pst). Watch on this page, or search: Jennifer Day TV. 
Watch my new series LADIES NIGHT LIVE! every Wednesday night. It's like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but with ALL LADIES! I host and present talented female artists of today through musical performances, stand up comedy, entertaining interviews, and comedy sketches. We stream live every Wednesday night at 8 pm (pst) on our "Ladies Night Live" channel on YouTube, Twitch, & Face Book.  If you want to participate in the LIVE CHAT during the show, watch on YouTube, or click on the link below. You can ask me questions & make comments during the show, and at the end of the show I will pick my favorites and respond or answer your questions.  Be sure to share, like, & subscribe. So FUN! 

If you want to use LIVE CHAT or are having trouble viewing this live video, please CLICK HERE